Behind Ameisen Design stands Mark Donlon and he's your partner for creativity, communication, advertising and design.

To reach a target market you need a customized solution in your message.
A message which will be clearly understood. Ameisen Design can and will give you this solution! I guarantee a goal-oriented and reasonable price project implementation of the highest quality, with great attention to detail.

Consultancy, Brainstorming/ Conceptual Design, Artwork, Business Cards, Business Letters, Brochure, Advertisement, Flyer, Leaflets, Postcards, Posters [Indoor/Outdoor], Literature, Book Covers, Booklets, CD/DVD Cover, Package Design, Menus, T-Shirts …

Screen Design, Web-Busnisse-Cards, WebSites, Banner, Web Ads …

Stationery, Logo Design, Exhibition Graphics, Images Editing, Corporate Design [CD], Corporate Identity [CI], Canvas, SubArt …

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